Marc Levy's Interview

1-When do you think about it, to write a novel? Was it like a dream?
In a sense, I could say it is like a dream. Indeed, when I started to write a manuscript – that later became If Only It Were True - I had no idea that it could, and would be published. Luck played a large part in it. Fact is, I wrote the story for my son, or rather for the man that he would become one day. My sister, who is a screenwriter, encouraged me to send the manuscript to a publishing house – Robert Laffont. They got back to me 8 days later saying they wanted to publish the book. A few weeks after that, Steven Spielberg rang me to say that he wanted to adapt my story for the screen. If that is not a dream, what is it ?

2-What is your favourite genre? Are all your novels of the same genre that you like?
I like very different literary genres. As a reader, I have never wanted to confine my love of reading to a single genre and it is the same with writing. From novel to novel, I have tried to vary and even, at times, to combine genres. Comedy, fantasy or adventure novel, writing is a realm of limitless freedom. I'm too scared of boring my readers by always doing the same thing, and besides, I too would get bored by constantly re-writing the same style of book. So each time I find myself exploring new horizons.

3-As the eyes are the mirror of the soul... Are your novels a reflex of yourself? Is the main character like you?
I cannot deny there are probably parts of my personality, my experiences in my novels. I often feel very close to my characters and I’m always sad to leave them behind when I finish one of my books. I guess it is part of the writing process. Nevertheless I would never write about myself or my life directly.

4- Is the any obssesion as writer? (Maybe an exact hour to write, pencil or pen, order...)
No, no obsession per se. I just like to write at night time. I am alone at my desk and everyone is asleep, except for my dog Alice who looks after me and makes sure that I am working and not drinking too much coffee.
5-What is your favourite book and what is it author? Do you like read the same novel twice If you like it so much?
I could mention some amazing authors I truly admire - Gary, Salinger, Hemingway, King, Prévert, Hugo, Giono - but my all time favourite book remains Romain Gary’s “Clair de Femme”.

6-Share with us here some advice about anything (Reading, writing, what you want ...)
My only advice would be, dare to chase your dreams. Always pursue your dreams and never let anyone take them away from you.

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