1-When do you think about it, to write a novel? Was it like a dream?
In fact, my process for coming up with ideas for my books is very much like a dream. I call it active daydreaming. I usually practice it on a long, solitary walk in the woods or on a beach. I try to think of ideas that interest me and drill down until I have a few. Then I'll write them down and let them sit for a while. If I continue to like an idea I'll keep pushing until I have something that works although most of the ideas fall away over time. As an example, for my first book, Library of the Dead, I had a daydream about a vast underground library filled with ancient books. It took a year to develop a plot around the vision.

2-What is your favourite genre? Are all your novels of the same genre that you like?

All my books are thrillers but I like to try different sub-genres, each one based around some provocative question. What's more important, fate or predestination? What's the nature of evil? Is there an afterlife? Can faith and science co-exist? Most of my books have a strong historical roots although all of them have modern characters. Some are definitely science based. My next series in Spanish (called The Down Trilogy in English) has an element of fantasy.

3-As the eyes are the mirror of the soul... Are your novels a reflex of yourself? Is the main character like you?
Of course. First and foremost, I have to interest myself before I can interest a reader. So the themes I choose have a personal meaning to me. And all my male heroes are an idealized version of myself, although they are all better looking and smarter!
4- Is the any obssesion as writer? (Maybe an exact hour to write, pencil or pen, order...)
Pretty standard obsessions, I suppose. I write in my library. I need to be surrounded by books when I write. I tend to be a momentum writer. When I take a break for several days or longer, I tend to have trouble starting again. But when I'm on a roll, I will work ten hours a day, seven days a week.

5-What is your favourite book and what is it author? Do you like read the same novel twice If you like it so much?
John Steinbeck is by far, my favorite writer. My favorite book of his isn't one that he's best know for like Grapes of Wrath or Of Mice and Men, although I love them. It's Tortilla Flat, a wonderful and funny exploration of human dignity and folly. I read it once a year.

6-Share with us here some advice about anything (Reading, writing, what you want ...)
I'm often asked by aspiring writers how to break into publishing. Beyond the obvious need to have some level of talent and something to say, the necessary trait is practice and perseverance. If you think your work is good, don't give up. My first novel was rejected by 65 literary agents before one said yes and it went on to sell 2 million copies in 30 languages.


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